USPA USP is essential for Small Businesses

If your not used to this term then its time to make its acquaintance simply because it is one of the most important things that you will give to your business.It is sometimes represented as Unique Selling Proposition

I know its easy to brush over this in haste to get on with other stuff but it is VITAL that you give a lot of consideration to your USP.

What is a USP

In a nut shell it is the answer to the question ‘how is your business different ( better ) than your competitors. That is unless you have no competitors then that fact becomes your Unique Selling Point. Once you have the answer the USP will be used in advertisements, brochures, business cards, presentations, radio & TV ads, Internet and social networking, in fact in j


Just about everything that you do to promote you and your business.

Picture yourself for a moment in large room. At the far end is a prospective customer who needs what you have to offer. Lets say that you are a children’s entertainer ( a clown ). Unfortunately you have company, five of your competitors are stood there with you. That’s right more clowns.

Now you have to win the business but you have only a few words. What will you say to the prospect ? “I’m a clown, I’m funny, Children like me, I’ve got big shoes and a red nose” Of course all of these statements are true or you wouldn’t be much of clown would you? But they don’t get you any nearer to getting the job.

The problem is that every other clown would say exactly the same thing and you need to stand out. So, how about if you said I’m a clown with 15 years experience at one of the largest circuses in Europe and I am now available to entertain your children.

I think the other clowns would be out of the running straight away. So this is what you have to do. It sounds so simple and yet many business people appear to hit a brick wall when trying to think of a USP.

Lets find a USP for your Business

Clowns may not be a common business group to be looking for the elusive USP but the same thing applies whatever line of business your in. How many accountants when asked what is unique about them would say were reliable, qualified, wear nice suits etc. how does that help them. The competition are hardly likely to tell a prospect yes were dishonest, have no experience off accounting and look like we fell off the back of bin wagon.

Your USP has to be:

  • Something that sets you apart from your competition
  • Positive in the eyes of your prospect.

Did you detect a little caution there ” in the eyes of your prospect”. This is because of the first thing to remember ” YOUR USP WILL NOT BE POSITIVE IN THE EYES OF ALL PROSPECTS”. It would be nice if it were and I don’t doubt there are some businesses that have found one that is viewed as positive by every prospect they come across.

Don’t let it worry you. Just make your USP appeal to the type of clients that you are targeting. Let me explain. A small company decides that its USP is the very fact that it is small. It has fewer customers and can provide a more personalised service than a large organisation. If they then target the type of client that will appreciate this they should do well but if they try to sell this point to a user who has a huge job and requires a wide variety of skills they will probably come unstuck.

Some ideas for a USP

What features does your business posses that you can build on to produce your USP or USP’s if you are able to find more than one. here is a list. See if one or more of these can be used or adapted to suit your circumstances.

  • Speed – You can complete work faster
  • Quality- you can prove superior quality
  • Better or more advanced equipment
  • Registered or certified by an approved body
  • Experienced – Years of experience
  • Quick Response
  • Free Survey Estimate consultation
  • Guarantee – the longer the better
  • Personal Service
  • Chosen By – Celebrity or respected authority in your field
  • Responsible for – major piece of work or well known accomplishment
  • Location – Beautiful, convenient unusual
  • Reputation
  • Established for a long time
  • Family business or large and diverse
  • Ethical Products

There is literally no end to this list but I hope that it will set your creative side thinking.

When all else fails

Ok, so you’ve gone through the list and racked your brains and still your business is the same as dozens of others that form your competition. What do we do now ? Well first of all go back through the list and see if you can’t create one of them. If you have no accreditation or official recognition try and get it. See if you can find a prestigious client to boast about. Get the idea. Make it happen.

The very last resort

I wrote this heading and then thought oh dear this could be taken the wrong way. Why ? Because YOU are the last resort. You are the thing that is different about your company. You can be made into the USP.

You may already be well known and you can make yourself more so. Use social media to let everyone know that you are the expert in this field and they will flock to do business with you.

Brad of 4 Networking was virtually unknown when he asked someone how he could become a much sort after speaker. The answer he got was simply ” get a web site, tell everyone that you are a speaker and away you go” my words not his. It worked, he is now a highly sought after speaker and has appeared on TV and giving keynote speeches at important events.

Brad has also written a book. That’s another way to make yourself the USP and with e-books so easy to produce these days you can soon have one on your Website. client are really impressed when they meet the author of a book that they’ve read. Even when you sent it to then.

By the way Creating the image and producing an e-book are subjects for further articles.

Well I hope that that has given you some ideas and that you will soon have a competitor beating USP. Now it only remains to use it at every possible opportunity. And that as they say is the subject of yet another article.

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