freebies1     Welcome to the first of many monthly additional freebies.

In addition to our regular monthly and weekly reports / articles we have a selection of carefully chose small business freebies. We hope you enjoy the mix of  articles, MP3’s and video, each chosen because of it’s content quality and relevance. Every month we will try to bring you more to chose from.


Dale2     How to Win friends and Influence People   by Dale Carnegie

An oldie but still one of the best. If you’ve read it before then it’s worth brushing up. If it’s your first time them make sure that you don’t miss it. Such a classic it just had to be the very first of many freebies.




art start  The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

don’t be fooled by the title this book is just as relevant to established businesses wishing to go forward as it is to start ups.

More Freebies to be added soon + completely new freebies page regularly