Dreams into Reality

The aw of Attraction -Dreams into Reality by Colin T. Fisher


Colin is a Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and certified Law of Attraction Trainer and coach.

If you don‟t have the foggiest idea of what most of that is about, don’t worry you do not need to. Dreams into Reality is a beautifully produced book with vibrantly colourful illustrations on virtually every page.

If Colin’s poems were in a language that you couldn’t understand at all – this book would still be a pleasure to own.

The poems however, are not only in a language that we understand but one that communicates with somewhere deep inside each one of us.

Some may be thinking “but I don’t do poems…” Never mind, just stay with me for a while. Here are twelve poems to ‘raise your vibrations and re-vitalise your connection with The Law of Attraction’.

I do not intend to delve into how and why this book affects people as it does. That’s mainly because I simply do not know. I have however been able to observe the effect it’s had on me. I am no stranger to motivational and self help books. In fact I’ve read so many that its hard to see why I’m not a lot better person than I currently am.

The reason, I suppose, is simple enough. Although I understood the books at an intellectual level and intended to implement their strategies, it went no deeper.

No Commitment

There was no emotional commitment and no involvement of feeling. This book however asks nothing of you other than that you read it with an open mind and simply absorb what it is saying. I did exactly that, no rationalised argument, no trying to understand just ‘let the words and images resonate within you’.
That was over a week ago now. A week in which I have felt more motivated and inspired
than I have for a long time. I actually woke up early one morning and wanted to go into work.

Each day I have revisited one or two of these simple and inspiring poems. I don’t know how they work but they certainly do.

Even if you hate poetry these twelve accessible works will uplift you. Lets face it if they work on this battle scarred, pessimistic (but recovering) grumpy old man, then they’ll work on anyone.

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