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State Pension time and what alternatives to annuities are there – Gold Bullion etc

With more of us reaching 65 and retiring or working on it’s worth considering the options.

What Pension have you got ?

Many people will find that they have accumulated a small collection of frozen pensions over the years know as “pots”. If these are small and add up to less than £ 18,000 you can take them as cash. One quarter of this is allowed tax free. I’ve got three pension alternatives Gold Bullion included.

If you decide to cash them then you are faced, as I was with the choice of what do I do. I looked at Premium Bonds and other ” investments” including Gold but what would suit you. This will depend on your situation and no one would blame you after working for so many years if you jet off to the sun or take the cruise of a life time. If this is not your  scene or if you have some cash left after it you could do worse than invest it.

Premium bonds bring prizes

Although you won’t get any interest as such you will have as much when you leave the scheme as you invested when you entered it. You never know you may even get a good sized win. the maximum holding is now £40,000 per person and if you look on the winners list each month you will see how many of these maximum stake holders win the big money.

If you don’t have anywhere near that much, I’ve seen people with £ 10 invested come away with some big money ( £10 used to be the minimum investment – it’s now £ 100.00 ), don’t be discouraged. the big prize now increasing to £2 million has been won by the small bond holder. If however you want to go a little riskier how about:

Put your Pension in Gold

Pension Gold

Gold price over the last 20 years

Not all of it of course but if you want an investment with long term stability this could be for you. I know from my own experience that gold prices can go down as well ass up but over a long term they are usually as safe as, if not safer than, houses.

The gold prices have dropped over the last couple of years but with the return to strength of the economy and the political uncertainty in the East the prospect for the prices in the future is good.

Where to buy Gold

There are many places to buy gold even ebay and Amazon sell gold usually in the form of coins or jewelry. Coins can be a good source of investment but not to be recommended for those without some specialist knowledge. It could, however become a good hobby and money earner. To find out more there are many books available via Amazon.

If you do not have some expertise I would recommend staying away from such sources. You don’t want to get your gold sovereigns hoe to find that the center is made of chocolate.

Reputable Gold dealers

I am not an expert in this field and so I have taken advice and selected two companies both of whom have faultless reputations and have been established for a good number of years. They are:

Bullion By Post    With both Bullion and coins and special information section on using Gold investments to support your pension Bullion by Post are very worth considering. Although I have given some specimen prices I would not attach to much importance to this as all costs depend on the quantities and services required. So definitely check it out using your own proposed figures. Both suppliers mentioned will sell and deliver gold or sell and provide secure storage so you wont have to bury a chest in the garden.

Bullion Vault    A well established provider with a good reputation. Specialising in bullion with quick turn round times for both purchase and sale. For those interested in coins this is probably not the choice for you. With over 50,ooo clients in 175 countries Bullion Vault are a force to be reckoned with and you could do far worse than trust your investment to them. Use the links to find out more.

 Year Est BullionCoins£ / ozstoragepension pageLBMA
Bullion Vault20057210.01% / mth
Bullian by Post2008797£10 min 0.65% +VAT / Annum


Note – Although every effort is made to check the accuracy readers should always check with their financial adviser before committing to any recommendation made in a Set Up nad Grow article. Recommendations may vary dependent upon individual circumstances.



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