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If you haven’t already met Evernote it is described as an electronic note book. Accurate though that is it’s a bit like saying that a formula one car is a horseless carriage. I started using it some several months ago and now I’ve got so much on it it’s unbelievable.

Evernote is free in it’s basic form and will run on windows, iPads and iThings in general, Android, Balckberry, tablets in fact almost everything.

It is a SaaS or cloud based system. That means that you can access you information and work on it no matter which one of your collection of devices you are using.

Basic Note taking

You can take notes which you can then store in drawers like a filing cabinet . You can also nest drawers inside drawers. By that I mean you could have a drawer for clients and inside that would be drawers for Solicitors, accountants etc and inside each of those – well I’m sure you get the idea.

How it’s structured is up to you and it’s simplicity itself to set up. But it doesn’t end there it gets cleverer and then cleverer again ( if that’s a word ).

The free version provides you with up to 100,00 notes with 100 tags available per note. If you can’t do most of your jobs using that then there is a Premium upgrade with extra facilities and also a Business version that alows teams to work together.

Why Evernote

Why have I picked Evernote ? When there are so many alternatives such as :
• Simplenote
• Springpad
• Google Keep
• Microsoft Note
• One Note etc, etc

Getting a good nights sleep

Only last week I returned from a couple of weeks mixing holidaying in Cornwall with a little blog writing ( it’s on my Small Business Advice Blog on http://www.setupandgrow.co.uk ). I had hired a roof box to get all my stuff in as my son was coming who needed some special mobility equipment and had to return it by Saturday lunch or it would cost me extra.

I had met the owner when I collected the box and knew he was a bit of a character. It wasn’t long before he tried to add to his rental of the box by selling me the latest car wash and polish—in one. The best and he was the sole supplier for miles.

I really enjoyed his silky smooth lead in to the sale, but that is not my point.
One of his staff went outside to check the box for damage before removing it and refunding my deposit. The owner shouted across to him “ have you done the gentleman’s paperwork yet”?
The employee responded “no—I have to check the box first—it’s in the procedure”
Can you see where I’m going.

What has this to do with sleep?

What the owner said next was not only true but it contained a lesson so important for anyone new or experienced in business. He said “ your right, I only wrote the bloody procedure “ and turning to me he added “ it’s true every word and drawing in all the procedures—I wrote them”

He walked off a little then turned “ and I forget to follow them “ with a deep frown he asked “ do you know why I have procedures and why I took so much time over them”? Of course I could have come up with several answers but I was pretty sure he had something different in mind.

“ so I can sleep at night “ he whispered with a big smile on his face. “ I used to get home and worry if everything had been done or had I forgotten something , I would wake up in the middle of the night and start going over it all”
“It’s the curse of a small businessman he added—but now the procedures take care of everything. I go home and relax then later I sleep like a baby”
that’s what procedures can do for you

The more thought about it the more I had to agree. As a young businessman I can remember going over work issues in my head time and time again. It’s not good. So I recommend—PROCEDURES.
The subject of procedures is for another time but with Evernote you can write templates that save time and ensure that things are done correctly each time—procedures.

What’s in it for you ?


  •   It’s FREE—I don’t get any commission on it at all. I’m telling you about it because it impressed the hell out me and has made some of my jobs much easier and at no cost. Although there are upgrades that you can purchase if you need the features.
  •  It stores your notes in folders which you can create and organise in nested structures to suit what you are doing. But you would expect that.
  •  Each note can contain Tags. These are brilliant. You can have up to 100 tags per note and 100,00 notes on free version. Upload limit is 60Mb /month with a limit of 25 Mb per note. By using tags you can set up simple easy to search databases to navigate you through your notes
  •  If you want more upgrade to Premium or Business packages.
  •  It works on just about everything—Pc’s, Apples, I Phones, Androids, tablets etc etc and because the data is in the cloud you can use any device you have to create, update or access your notes.
  •  There are many templates ( rather like apps ) so that you can get started doing jobs straight away

A Practical Example

Here is a picture of a small sample structure:

Evernote screen


One of my business interests involves affiliate sales on the internet. I have literally hundreds of products some supplied by the manufacturer some from Affiliate Networks. Each item has a price, a description a commission etc. In addition I sometime want to know where I am getting a product from and then their web address and my login details.

I don’t mind telling you it was a nightmare. But not any longer I have all the information in Evernote.
I open a note with the name of the supplier of the item and then add all the information from accessing the site and a list of products with their individual details.

The coup de force is adding any term that I may need to search for as a tag. When search for say an Aston Martin DB5 I am taken to the note of the supplier with all the details in that note.
An example of a new Affiliate file

I could have searched by any data stored even if I want to search by the car registration number as I have so many cars I don’t know which is which, up comes the note. By the way this Aston Martin business is total fiction.
No more time wasting

Obviously I don’t know what your business in but I’m sure that you , like me, have wasted maybe hours looking for information that we know has been filed but not under the description that we are searching for.
Another example would be client details where they may be filed by company name, geographical area, business sector, personal name and so it goes on.

I hope that you can see some areas of your business where you can save some of that valuable time to devote to profit making and having fun.

If you want to know more about what Evernote does and how it does it I can recommend an excellent book ” Evernote Essentials ” by Brett Kelly

Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Guide for New Evernote Users

Future Templates

In future Posts I will be showing applications for this useful business  tool and also some free templates to  help you to get started. So please sign up for the News letter to find out when these are available. A form is at the bottom of this page.

Part Two will be include – How to manage Products and Suppliers for Affiliates

In the meantime you can download your free version of Evernote here




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