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If you are thinking of starting your own business or maybe you are already running a small enterprise that you started some time ago now may be the time to ask yourself am I the man for the job ?

There are many entrepreneurs who have been successful in business areas for which they were ill suited, however, this only makes a difficult job even harder. If you are a vegetarian who loves animals then opening a butchers may not be the best thing for you to decide on.

I’m not saying that you couldn’t do it but just that it would put you under a lot of pressure. When you start a business it should be the realisation of a dream. A venture into doing something that you really want to do. If you start your business on any other basis then when the long hours of hard work come along you are going to find it very difficult to continue.¬† Starting up a business should be the chance you’ve waited for to do what you want and get the fun and satisfaction that being employed failed to deliver.

How do I know what I Business will suite me.

This is not always easy. we often deceive ourselves, thinking that e will suddenly enjoy things and be good at them when previously the opposite was true. Well… soul searching is a wonderful thing but not always a productive one. We need an impartial analysis to get us thinking honestly and looking for the key to not only a profitable business but a pleasurable one.

Myers – Briggs to the Rescue

fortunately there is a simple test that has won wide acclaim and its just the job for what we want. As you can see from the heading its a test called the Myers – Briggs test and is based on the psychology of Jung. There is no shortage of information on how it works and how to interpret it ,on the Internet, so I will no go into great detail here. For more information you could do worse than start with Wikipedia

Basically you answer you answer 45 or so questions by scoring your reaction to them. The scores range from 1 for a strong disagreement to 5 for a strong agreement. At the end of the test the results give you an indicator of the type of person that you are and also the type of career for which you are best suited.

What are you suited to ?

There are 16 Type combinations but fear not there are several good free sites that will provide you with results, analysis and pointers to the type of career to which you are suited. On such Site is Similar  Minds at:

have a careful and open minded study of the information that this gives you. It should be use to fuel a debate with yourself centred around how your type of personality will work within the business area that you have chosen. If there is conflict it does not mean that you should abandon your project but a wise person will give considerable thought as to how they will react to the pressures that will be generated. After all if you have a great business idea that is going to bring wealth and everything that you desire , whats a bit of suffering.

You have the Final Word

There is no doubt that your decision is final but perhaps this is one of those things to be discussed with your partner either living or business. It may well be that someone else will handle the aspects of the business that are in conflict with your personality but at least by looking at this carefully you can sort it out from the very beginning.

Anyway I must go now as my Myers Briggs analysis says that I should avoid writing articles and also telling other people what they should do.

Brian Gregory -Set Up and Grow

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