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If your business uses vans or trucks of any kind then there is a large advertising space traveling round day after day achieving nothing. At the very least the name of your company, what you do and how to contact you should be on there.

Not far from Manchester is a family owned motor repair business. The family is in fact Asian and they decided to add a little catch phrase to the normal business detail on the side of their vans.

The vans had the simple slogan ” you’ve tried the cowboys – now try the Indians xxxx Car repairs”. I wasn’t the only one to notice it and even now, years later I can still tell you the name of that garage. You can’t get more effective than that.

We can’t all get away with this sort of eye catching signage and some care must be taken to ensure that the content does not give offense and that it is not inappropriate. Humorous slogans would hardly be well received if displayed on the side of hearse or funeral car.

There is now a wide range of different types of signs both temporary and permanent and no end to the ingenuity of design.

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Types of Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Signs

These are made from magnetic sheeting that is 0.85mm thick.
They are easy to install with the only considerations being to attach to smooth surfaces and to get them level.
The sign themselves are available in a wide range of ultra bright colours.

They can be obtained from local sign companies or ordered directly over the Internet. The latter probably costing a little less but you don’t get the chance to look at lots of examples of the real thing.

Size of Sign White Background Colour Background
24” x 12” (std) £ 60.00 £75.00
16” x 24” £70.00 £85.00
24” x 48” £110.00 £132.00

Van Graphics

Van signage

Go on – who’s brave enough to drive this one around

Virtually any type of graphic image can be printed to thin plastic self-adhesive sheet for fixing to the doors, side panels or rear doors of a van.

When ordering this type of sign you will have to specify the type of Van that you will adding the sign to and then you have a choice of either:

Getting your local supplier to produce and fix the signs or

Ordering signs on the Internet which come complete with a kit to enable you to mount the signs yourself.

Costs will vary dependent on the amount of art work that you already have and the amount that will need to be produced by the sign company. Price indications are for single colour only.

Car Window Signs

There can’t be many people who haven’t had a car that came complete with a sticker in the back window advertising the garage that they bought it from.

These stickers are a very effective means of advertising your company or business. They vary from a single line containing the Web address to a full window sticker with logo illustration plus company and product details.

With prices this low it is amazing how many people don’t have a car sticker or have just one.

With lower prices for larger quantities why not order 10 or even 50.
The more friends, family members and business associates that are prepared to display you sticker in their car the better.
Why not try to get the members of your rugby, golf or slimming club to join in.

There really is no limit to the number of people you can talk into driving round advertising your product or service. Of course if you happen to be a garage it’s an absolute must.

smart carThe Smart Car

This popular little motor has become the focus of so many ad campaigns for just about all types of businesses. Although the novelty of it’s size may have waned some what it is still probably the most popular moving advert after the white van.

This is so much so that most vehicle sign specialists will produce a full set of adverts to your design covering just about every part of this little vehicle. These are also quite reasonably priced.


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