Business Location  – Killer or Life saver

Right now I’m enjoying some time down in Cornwall the sun is shining and I’ve  just been for a short walk down to the beach. What has all this got to do with small business locations, well it’s simple.trevonesmall

I have just walked past homes that are worth millions of pounds each owned mainly by city folk from London and they reminded me that Business Location is so important to the success of many businesses.

These properties are occupied only a few weeks of the year and remain locked up for the rest of the time. In addition to the fact that it’s a crying shame and an awful waste there are three things that strike me:

  • The owners have lots of money
  • The owners are never there
  • The houses and gardens are immaculate
  • They are also secure

What a contrast to where I live where houses are lived in 50 weeks of the year. Gardens are tended to by the owners regularly and security is assured due to continuous occupation.

Location a matter of Life and Death

Well maybe not literally, but imagine having a property minding business or garden maintenance business in a poor area of Manchester compared to where I am now. This area cries out for these services the people who live here have:

millionairs houseLittle or no time to do the work themselves

Many have retired here and are no longer fit enough

Have the money to afford someone else to do the work for them

Want the image of a well kept property

and so on.

It’s no wonder then that these businesses flourish here but how does that help the rest of . After all we are where we are.

Lets all uproots and move

Yes I’m being facetious ( had to  spell check that one ). The principal though remains valid. If you are setting up a new business perhaps you could chose to set up in an area where demand is like that in the above example although these are few and far between.

Most of us can however try and maximise the area or demographic where we spend most of our effort trying to get new business. The method that I have used is a s follows:

Locating your Future Prospects

Get a map of the area that you are prepared to service and then somewhat beyond. it needs to one that is marked of in post code areas, then;

  • Add a red dot for the location of all your competitors.
  • Get demographic information for the area relevant to your prospective clients
  • Add the demographic info to the map

The demographic information is available on-line from local census information or business research. This will vary dependent upon your business you may be looking for industrial areas, wealthy residential areas areas with a high concentration of certain age groups, whatever it is it can be found. The map should now show where you are. where your competition is and where the people that you want as clients are concentrated.

For those starting up you now have the best place to locate your business all you need to do is find suitable accommodation with car parking or pedestrian footfall or what ever you need and away you go. Add this data to your Business plan.

What about an Established Business

If you are established and find yourself in the wrong place you have only three choices:

  • Move
  • Stay and put up with less than you could have
  • Make a virtual move

The first two speak for themselves but number three may need a little thinking about. By the may, sitting here now, I’m in favor of moving to Cornwall.

The Virtual Move

This won’t work for everyone but don’t dismiss it straight away it can work in some unexpected circumstances.

All  you have to do is put in place procedures that will give the appearance that you are in your preferred area whilst providing the services from somewhere else. rather than go through lots of you could do this or you could do that talk let me tell you a story and leave it up to you to adapt it if possible.

My virtual client

For some time I helped a client do just what we have been talking about. The lady was established in a law related business ( legal  expenses Drafts person) don’t worry about what it is. She eventually foud her ideal bsuiness Location.

She was to go on a long holiday to Australia visiting her family. Being there for several months she didn’t want to lose the clients that had been built up over her time in business. The business involved solicitors sending her case files which she would analyse and check that the costing was correct ( this is my description so take it with a pinch of salt).

Before she went she set up a virtual office to answer the phone take in her mail, produce and send out her mail, make phone calls and receive document files from clients.

Every week my company would collect the files scan them and index them ( thousands of pages) then we would place them on a web based ( cloud) document storage sight where they were password protected. As soon as the files were uploaded she could view them, print what she needed and prepare her report.

The report was sent to the virtual office who printed it plus and invoice and sent it to the appropriate client.Then, most important of all, they sent me my cheque.

Job done, everyone happy and all from 9,000 miles away. So there is nothing that can’t be done with a little imagination and determination.

End of Story

She never came back. She still lives there and has now replaced her UK business with Australian  work with no interruption of income at all. Not bad.

So make sure that you’re in the right place and if not do something about it. It could be worth thousands to you.

Must go now I’m off to the beach in my mankini and if you know what i look like and you don’t  know what one of those is – don’t bother finding out.

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