Business Glossary – 40 New Terms and Expressions

I have collected some of the expressions that have become more used  over the last year and some that will become more used over the next and put them into a Business Glossary for 2015.

I hope that  this business glossary will bring you up to speed ( no that wasn’t one) with the latest business speak and you could even get a laugh out of it. Try asking your staff what these expressions mean you could always have quiz but, whatever you do please don’t get to use them too often.

My tip for the top in the next yearGlossary

One expression not yet finding it’s way into business is “Conscious Uncoupling”. It was used by Gwyneth Paltrow to describe her breakup from Chris Martin where she said ” while we love each other very much we will remain separate”.

What a great way to tell your boss that you’re starting your own business and are consciously uncoupling. Or maybe it could replace the ” I’m afraid were going to have to let you go “.

Any way that’s my tip for the top now here are the other 40 that I’ve compiled for your enjoyment and edification:



Literally attached to a larger body. Increasingly used by web companies who’s products are marketed on a commission basis by affiliates.

Authority marketing

Selling or marketing by becoming the recognised expert ( go to person) in your field – used a lot in blogging

Big Data

Quantities of data ( data sets) that are too large to interrogate or manipulate using standard software and tools

The changing and modifying of products around the requirements of the consumer
ConvergenceComing together


Can be used on different types of computer/ operating system/software packages


Using your employers Internet and email for personal amusement – can be very naughty

Digital Nomads

What a cracker – people who use hot spots, Wifi etc to conduct their business on the move


Searching the internet for reference to yourself – sorry guilty

Flexibility in income and outgoing during a poor and uncertain economic climate.

A product or service that is initially free but is financed by the purchase of add-ons and extras

Using game playing techniques i.e. Point scoring and competition to engae people in non game activities and make them fun
Green Collar – of to do with green concerns

The latest version ( at time of writing) a the language used to control content on the World Wide Web

Incentivize – Encourage someone with an incentive – simple

This is getting popular – The used of graphic images to enhance the understanding of data or combined with data to convey ideas

An entrepreneur who can go into business immediately via on line techniques.
Intellectual capital

The sum total of the intellectual knowledge of a company including the training and ability of it’s staff.
Knowledge Economy

An economy dependent on the quantity, quality depth and availability of information as opposed to the means of production

The adjusting of a product to meet the local language, culture and preference of a particular target market -not necessarily geographical.


The part of public awareness that a business can claim

Converting something that already exists to a financial return often in web sites by adding products, or affiliate links to existing non-financial sites
Network Virtualization

The combining of computer network and software functionality into a single software based virtual network. It also grows acronyms VN, SDN, NFV and the Ever popular VM Ware. I think this is one where you need to call in a n expert.

Small Section or area of a larger topic as floats would be to fishing
Osmosis Marketing

Internet Marketing term indicating that brand success and image is best served by blog buz and tweeting than by conventional marketing
Personal Branding

Happens when people decide to promote themselves as brands and self packaging to further their careers
Prebuttal –  rebutting an accusation before it is made- like a pre-emptive strike
Retail Curation

Bringing together of items in the form of a collection – tipped to be a big buzz word in 2014

Reduce the size of a company by shedding staff to achieve greater competitiveness.
Skills Transfer

Capabilities or skills achieved in the performance of one task that can be transferred to a different one.
Social Looping

Building a network of online connections usually with a degree of loyalty
Sock Puppet – assumed or false online identity

Made faster and more efficient by better working practices or removing unnecessary staff or systems.
Synergize – Cooperation and team work

Popular or becoming popular – much watched by web based businesses and teenagers alike

Taking a product or service and selling it on after adding some degree of improvement and value
Virtual Friday- your last day in work before an extended weekend holiday
Vlog  – a blog that contains video material
VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – a system allowing voice communication over the internet possibly saving a large amount of money on international / long distance phone bills.


Software designed to remove all visual distractions so that the user can concentrate on the work in hand. I knew I’d find a Z if I looked hard enough.

See you again next year with more updates.


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